Winter Activities in Park City

So you are heading on a skiing holiday, you have got your Deer Valley condo rental  or Park City vacation rentals sorted, but are thinking you might want to try something other than skiing for a few days? You are in luck, as Park City offers such a vast array of activities that you can partake in during the winter, ranging from the active to the relaxing. A visit to Park City is worth it, even if you aren’t into skiing or snowboarding at all, as there is so much to do. Similarly, these activities are a great way for the family to get together.


Of course we have to start with skiing, as the snow offer in Park City is referred to as ‘The Greatest Snow on Earth’. That is something that should get you up and out of your Deer valley condo rental early. There are 426 runs in total, a massive number that you can explore with your family. The 58 lifts also making getting around easy and painless, as well as awarding you with spectacular views.


Following the US sweep of Olympic medals in 2002 on this very mountain range (Park City), there has been a growing interest in snowboarding. The terrain parks and half pipes scattered around are regularly full of professionals, demonstrating how good the snowboarding facilities are here. The lift numbers also make the mountain accessible for snowboarders.

Sleigh Rides

If you are looking to relax and take in the beauty of Park City, then this may just be the activity for you. It is a great thing to do as a couple as it is incredibly romantic, but also it is good for a family who can enjoy the scenery and the experience together. The views offered are breath-taking.


There are hundreds of miles of trails for those who fancy trying their hand at snow-shoeing. With so much space to explore, you and your family or friends can really get out into the wilderness and enjoy some quiet away from the business of the resort and your Deer Valley condo rental. It is a great workout, meaning that those who aren’t in shape shouldn’t stray too far away, however all abilities can have a go at snow-shoeing and they will definitely enjoy themselves.


This is for the kids, and those who think they are kids, to enjoy. You sit in a rubber ring and proceed to fly down the track in you ring. If you are seeking adrenaline away from the slopes, then this is your answer. It is something that the whole family can enjoy and take some really neat family photos whilst having a go. This is also great at night as the tracks have lights; you can create some great family memories.

Ice Skating

The Ice Arena was built in 2006, and provides all sorts of ice-based activities for the family and friends to enjoy.

If you are heading to Park City, try something different to skiing or snowboarding, even if it is just for one day. Instead of leaving you Deer Valley rental condos and strapping on a pair of skis, try a pair of snow-shoes for a change, and create some different memories with your family and friends.

Cheapest Place to stay in Whistler

Getting there is half the fun after all when you get there you will be embraced by the amazing downtown Jackson Hole hotels that offer the best Whistler accommodations. The spectacular coastal path Sea-to-Sky, 120 kilometers long, which connects Vancouver to Whistler-Blackcomb, is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world to achieve a ski resort. The highway – which was recently doubled for the Olympics – runs resplendent having on one side the sea and the other snow-capped peaks, waterfalls water with the melting of the mountains, pristine lakes and thousands of trees that host migratory birds – especially eagles – that escape the northernmost dead of winter and take refuge in Brackendale.

A little more about the area.

This resort town came in 1960, with exactly the dream of hosting the Winter Olympics, when there was built the first large hotel Tremblant Sunstar. In February 2010, 50 years later, the dream finally came true. The small town was the scene of Olympic stars who competed in alpine sports (downhill and sallon), Nordic (jumping and cross-country) and extreme sports (bobsleigh and skeleton). During this period (during games) generally ski runs are closed to tourists. But in Canada, was different – 95% of them were open – to the delight of all.check this link!

When you go further…

Walking a little further you get to the village of Squamish landed at the feet of the Squamish Chief Mountain – considered by the native’s indigenous peoples of the region as a spiritual sanctuary. For extreme adventure lovers for trekking trails to climb its 700 meters in height, a journey that can last from three to six hours and ensure a stunning look of the citadel in the valley. A break for rest can be done in Shannon Falls. Finally, after two hours of road the target is hit:


Whistler-Blackcomb is an amazing place with several different great and cheap Whistler accommodations to people of all tastes and in all kinds of budget.

The beautifies you will enjoy in town.

A lot of people circulate in Whistler Village. The central streets are dedicated to pedestrians and plentiful shops with ski and snowboard clothing. Apart from that there are several different safe and decent looking stays for those who are in a budget, after all Whistler receives people from all over the world to enjoy their amazing snow mountains, which is just amazing from beginning to end.check more at

Cheapest Place to stay in Whistler

Those who decide to venture the area do not regret doing so ever, because everything is so beautiful and so magnificent that it becomes an unforgettable trip many repeat. The area is filled with awesome attractions and affordable hotels and meals. You will never regret having fun in such an amazing area that many people love. Visit Whistler and make the best out of the beautiful Whistler accommodations that stay in one of the most beautiful areas of Canada. Are you ready to have the time of your life in Canada? Stay in Whistler accommodations today!

What is there to do in Whistler

Whistler is the perfect place for those who would like to enjoy the best of winter sports and the beautiful Whistler accommodations. With thousands of square meters of snow and amazing attractions the place has everything to impress even the most exigent. Whistler is a paradise in winter. In addition to skiing and snowboarding in the famous resort Whistler Blackcomb, there are many ways to enjoy the snow – whether in the mountains or not.

Gondola rides

This tour offers breathtaking views of 360 degrees of Whistler Village, mountain peaks, lakes, glaciers and forests. You can opt for special Gondola with glass floor for a more radical experience.

Nordic Skiing / Cross Country Skiing

Nordic ski makes exceptional experiences that took place in Whistler, with more than 129 k of trails for all skill levels and styles.


That is an endless powder snow in open terrain with avalanche safety equipment and experienced guides all over.

Ice Skating

This is a true Canadian experience and great fun with family or friend, to be better just enjoying one of the wonderful hot chocolates in town. Its location is in the heart of Whistler Village.

Experience Olympica

Feel like an Olympic athlete, and experience the Whistler Sliding Centre, one of the funniest heritages of Winter Olympics 2010

Slip on spectacular streams through majestic old trees, this Tyrolean tour can be done on a guided tour.

Dog Sled

Take a run through the snowy forest in a sleigh pulled by lush dogs; this is one of the coolest ways to discover the region.

Snow bikes

Snowmobiling is a favorite Canadian hobbies, be sure to try, children can pilot the their own small snowmobiles. While they play you can enjoy other Whistler attractions.

Walking with Snowshoe

Walk with racket in the easiest way to experience winter activities. Follow trails into the woods to see snow covered trees and birds and fun locals. Walk with racket makes fun for all ages and abilities.

Tube Park

More than 1,000 feet slip, with several tracks and a special shuttle elevator to return you to the top.

Carriage ride

For a truly authentic experience of the Canadian winter, you should take a ride, hot chocolate and blankets will warm you along the way.view related issues at

Whistler Resort

Discover the natural beauty in a Carriage ride that surprises everyone!

The bottom line

Whistler is therefore an awesome place for you to enjoy and have fun with friends and family. Everything is beautiful and fun activities are many. It is an excellent opportunity to practice your favorite winter sports and have fun for a very convenient price. You will enjoy and have fun that you will never forget in your while life. It is perfect, amazing and has one of the most beautiful Whistler accommodations available for you to have fun and enjoy the trip.

10 top ski goggles

The glasses for snow, while protecting the view from ultraviolet rays also contribute to the safety and skier income to improve optical resolution. If you are already in the Whistler accommodations you will definitely want to have the best goggles for you to enjoy the view and practice one of the most amazing sports in the whole world.

The materials

Glasses are a specific, usually plastic, with a lens that protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays and provides better vision when it is snowing and elastic strap that prevents the glasses to come off.

To prevent them from making eyesight difficult, there are ventilation openings. In the best quality models this problem is solved by the use of dual lenses.

There are lenses of different colours, depending on the use that we will give them: mirrored lenses for very sunny days, orange sun and snow, yellow to very dark days, and endless more options. They are plastic, to avoid the risk that they will break in case of a fall.

Browse and book your stay at downtown Jackson Hole hotels.

In the downtown Jackson Hole hotels you can always find


The top 10!

• poc retina all black
• vonzipper trike black
• vonzipper skylab white
• vonzipper skylab brainblast violet
• Vonzipper fishbowl white gloss
• Vonzipper skylab mindglo pink
• Tyno TN G165
• Welcwork G061
• OEM HB-115
• T-Rex BP 1153

A general view of what’s ahead of you

The glasses for snow, while protecting the view from ultraviolet rays also contribute to the safety and skier income to improve optical resolution. With the arrival of winter, also comes the practice of snow sports especially around the downtown Jackson Hole hotels.

Although when we think of the equipment to practice sport, comes to our mind the skis, a snowboard or clothing that protects us from the cold, but it is also very important to choose appropriate sunglasses. Consider that the radiation reflected by the snow is too high and not adequate protection could have adverse effects on health.

Make sure you pay attention before purchasing.

According to the terrain and the weather, you should use a different type of sunglasses. For example, in areas of low light and foggy, the use of yellow lenses, amber and golden as they allow a better view of the uneven terrain is suitable. On the other hand, the rosy lenses are especially suitable for grey days, while for days with bright, colours like green or brown are more suitable because they help us to improve the contrast. The lenses with mirror coating, although chosen by aesthetics, help us to block part of the wonder.

ski goggles

The crystals should have high filtering power, category 3 or 4, to filter out at least 95% of ultraviolet rays. Many people are unaware of this data on your sunglasses and no doubt is very important to get a proper transmission of more at

Regarding the frame material for safety, the better are the polycarbonate glasses to avoid damage if dropped. In any case, the most advisable is a specialist in sunglasses to supervise the choice to make sure you are safe. Buying the right product to the conditions for the practice of sport is essential and always available in the downtown Jackson Hole hotels.

What skis are the best skis for beginners?

If you are looking for the best skis to use in the downtown Jackson Hole hotels, then this list will definitely help you a lot, after all choosing the right skis might not be an easy task for beginners.

Pin Tail

Offers comfort and stability, facilitating the learning of those who debut in the sport. Is characterized by being well off the front (takes advantage of carving) and narrow at the back (releases the heel). This design allows entering the curve stable and controlled manner at the same time leaving it to end a little slippage while providing freedom to the path.

Carving performance

It is the most extensive range: different models which allow skiing fast or slow, with more open or more closed curves, and in any type of track and the snow. They are easy, comfortable and versatile, but on the other hand have limited benefits. It is suitable for mid-level skiers and medium-high, giving priority to comfort and people seeking the best value in Whistler accommodations as well.

High Range


These are develop for a series of short turns, cornering at high speeds … but are lower than the competition skis. On the other hand, are very limited off-track.


They are skis for all use, both on the track and in the virgin snow, thanks to its larger surface and pronounced quotas. For: stability, flotation and versatility. In Against: less agile than a 100% skiing because it is less accurate when changing corner. Being versatile is a very interesting option as the only ski for those who like to take the whole mountain.


Skis basically oriented off-piste. They have exaggerated dimensions and a specific geometry for deep snow, in many cases with rocker. It is stable and floats in the snow, but little is agile and the exchange of corners is slow. Requires certain technical level and it is an excellent option if you are in the downtown Jackson Hole hotels.


RACEs CARVING are inspired by the giant slalom but with a turning radius not as open and a little less demanding. Skiing at high speeds, with average and precise curves becomes much easier with it. It is a stable and high performance skiing, but little versatile. This is a good idea for more experienced people.

The perfect skis for competitions


Best Beginner Skis

These skis require complete accuracy. Always seek the maximum slope line (open curves) and the maximum possible speed supported on the corners. Cling very well on hard snow. They are not so easy for those who have just begun in the sport. You can enjoy your trip and have fun at downtown Jackson Hole hotels to learn.


These are Skis that allow very precise and closed curves. The exchange of corners is very fast. They are hard and reactive, and therefore demanding in terms of technique and fitness. It is a ski just to track and who is a diehard fan of the short turn.