How to Book a Family-Friendly Room

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When traveling with a family, booking a hotel room that has sufficient beds and adjoining rooms remains a concern. It’s a huge problem because families don’t want to end up in a room that has a single bed for the entire family. Similarly, large families either prefer adjoining rooms or they need an apartment-style design that can offer privacy and comfort. Unfortunately, using most hotel booking websites does not help solve the problem as most travel portals only display the maximum occupancy on the main search result page. The room occupancy levels are seldom beneficial because hotels either charge for extra bedding or they flatly refuse an extra bed. When faced with the dilemma, I always recommend using to… Read More »How to Book a Family-Friendly Room

A Practical & Honest Guide to Car Rentals in Chicago (Sep 2019)

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Chicago offers relatively cheaper car rental prices compared to other major U.S. cities. A fair comparison would reveal that prices are often half that of other U.S. airports. If arriving by plane, all major car rental companies have an on-site desk at the airport. Depending on your preference, you may also get a shuttle to the off-site location of these companies. On-site and Off-site Car Rental at Chicago Airport Just like most U.S. cities car rental at the airport is relatively expansive than off-site locations. If you really want a cheaper price, then try visiting a company that’s not represented at the airport because rent from the same company either inside or outside the airport may not differ significantly. I… Read More »A Practical & Honest Guide to Car Rentals in Chicago (Sep 2019)

A Practical & Honest Guide to Car Rentals in Orlando (Sep 2019)

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From a tourist perspective, most visitors arrive at Orlando airport where they can hire cars from on-site car rental agencies. Almost all major car rental agencies have an on-site office at Orlando Airport. Besides, car rental companies also offer shuttles to take visitors to their off-site car rental locations near the airport. Orlando is among the cheapest cities to rent a car only if you know where to look. A standard car can be as cheap as $25 a day including insurance and liabilities. The attractive value is also reflected in full-size cars, SUV, minivans, and even luxury sports cars, In fact, I always recommend Skyscanner car rental as the premier source of getting amazing deals. I wrote extensively on… Read More »A Practical & Honest Guide to Car Rentals in Orlando (Sep 2019)

The Ultimate Hotel Guide to Best Punta Cana All-Inclusive Resorts

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This guide will help you select an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana according to your desired budget and lifestyle within 15 minutes. For lovers of all-inclusive vacations, Punta Cana is among the most favored destinations due to its amazing white-sand beach and reasonably priced world-class resorts. From the perspective of all-inclusive resorts, Punta Cana can be broadly divided into three areas: Playa Punta Cana, Playa Bavaro, and Playa Uvero Alto. Location of Resorts in Punta Cana Following is a map of Punta Cana where purple shades outline the location of resorts and activities in Punta Cana. The three major areas are indicated by a purple patch. The hub of all these activities is the extended larger purple patch in the… Read More »The Ultimate Hotel Guide to Best Punta Cana All-Inclusive Resorts

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Car Rental Deal

Hidden from the mainstream media, the Skyscanner Car Renal website is the most powerful portal to rent a car.  Based on my extensive research, it consistently outperforms other popular car rental websites, and it has been offering these great rates for years.  “Using Skyscanner, It’s not uncommon to find prices that are 100% less than competitors.” Most importantly, Skyscanner offers transparent price feeds from multiple car rental companies allowing us to see what’s included in the final price.   Here is an overview of what we will discuss in this blog post: • What is Skyscanner Car Hire? • Why it’s not easy to compare car hire rate, and how Skyscanner helps? • Comparing Skyscanner with top car rental portals on… Read More »The Ultimate Guide to the Best Car Rental Deal