The Ultimate Hotel Guide to Best Las Vegas Hotels – For Every Budget & Style

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This guide will help you select a hotel in Las Vegas according to your desired budget and lifestyle within 15 minutes.

Where to stay in Las Vegas?

If you want to be in the middle of all the action, the best place to stay in Vegas is the Las Vegas Strip.

From a tourist perspective, the Las Vegas Strip is the stretch of road that starts from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino. The entire strip is approximately 4.5 miles long, and walking from one end to the other end will take almost one and a half hour.

In addition to the hotels located on the main road, there are a number of hotels only 5-minute walk to the east and west of the main Las Vegas strip. Due to easy access to the main strip, these hotels are also considered part of the hotel scene.

Here is an overview of the main strip:

Why Stay on the Main Strip?

In Las Vegas, there is a lot of competition among hotels to attract visitors. This healthy competition ensures that hotel prices remain low.

If you move away from the strip, the quality of accommodation or the quality of service does not necessarily improve, which makes staying on the strip a great value.

Wherever you stay on the Las Vegas strip, there is always a taxi, Uber, and the public transport to take you to the desired location.

The Role of a Hotel Aggregator in Las Vegas

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Which Hotel to Stay in Las Vegas?

Just as any other city, service level at Las Vegas hotels depends on the price you’re willing to pay; however, the focus on entertainment and the environment often makes it very hard to make a decision based on the star-rating, alone.

For instance, Luxor and Excalibur are 3-star resorts but their charm, environment, and focus on entertainment exceed facilities at most well-known 5-star resorts and hotels around the world.

Instead of focusing on star-ratings, I’ve categorized hotels according to their distinguishing characteristics so you can easily decide what hotel you want to stay at.

You can also read a short description of each hotel to get an insight into their unique characters. Accordingly, hotel names are listed in alphabetical order.

Where to Stay? Best 5-Star Hotels in Las Vegas

  • For a themed experience, Bellagio and Venetian define the epitome of resort-stay attracting singles, couples, families, and retirees looking for Las Vegas-style entertainment. These themed hotels are also the best option to stay with kids as everyone will appreciate the atmosphere and setting. You can also stay at Palazzo to enjoy its independent theme and shared facilities with the Venetian.
  • For partying and nightlife, the Cosmopolitan, Aria, Encore, and Cromwell are known for their upscale clubs, world-renown DJs, and a festive environment, which are unmatched in the United States. You can also stay at Vdara and Wynn to enjoy facilities at Aria and Encore, respectively.
  • For sheer luxury and pampering, don’t look any further than Waldorf Astoria and Four Seasons. While SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand is a four-star establishment, it also competes for the title.
  • For a peaceful environment, look for a hotel-in-hotel concept that offers basic facilities, but allows guests to enjoy all the services at the adjacent mega-resorts. Vdara, Wynn, Delano, and Palazzo are your best bet as independent full-scale properties in this category. Similarly, Four Seasons, Nobu and NoMad also offer a similar concept but on a smaller scale.
  • For business travelers, both Delano and Trump offer the best business amenities in the area as these hotels are designed to cater to business-oriented clients. In fact, Trump International Hotel also offers some of the best rates for five-star properties located near the strip.
  • For a condo-style living, Marriott Grand Chateau and Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations are all-suite hotels with kitchenette facilities. These properties are located opposite each other in the middle of the strip, and they’re perfect for families and groups looking for an independent stay.

Where to Stay? Best 4-Star Hotels in Las Vegas

  • For a themed experience, New York-New York, The Mirage, Paris Las Vegas, and Treasure Island are the three top-notch 4-star iconic resorts. Kids and families will definitely love the environment at New York-New York and the Mirage. In contrast, the Paris Las Vegas Hotel is more popular with gourmet lovers; whereas Treasure Island is a hit with budget-conscious visitors.
  • For partying and nightlife, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Hotel, Park MGM, and Caesars Palace are the definite pick for entertainment. All of these resorts offer comparatively much more nightlife and clubs as opposed to other 4-star hotels.
  • For luxury and pampering, MGM Resort and Mandalay Bay market themselves as luxurious resorts offering a complete Las Vegas experience.
  • For a peaceful environment, Signature at MGM and Hilton Grand Vacation at Flamingo offer the best hotel-in-hotel concept. Both are full-scale independent properties offering condo-style living and access to facilities at their respective resorts.
  • For a price-value proposition, Tropicana and SLS Las Vegas offer simple yet full facilities and a higher level of service. Tropicana is located on the strip closer to major landmarks, while SLS Las Vegas is at the far end of the strip but it’s well-known for its service quality.

Where to Stay? Best 3-Star Hotels in Las Vegas

  • For a themed experience, Luxor, Excalibur, and Circus-Circus are the top choice for their full-scale facilities and iconic landmarks, which are much better than other 3-star resorts in the area.
  • For partying and nightlife, Hooters is the only choice in the 3-star category. For better nightlife, opt for a 4-star or a 5-star resort or just pay the entrance fee at other resorts to enjoy the scene.
  • For a peaceful environment, stay at LINQ or Stratosphere as both these resorts offer clean rooms and the good environment without the frenzy and overcrowded public areas found in some of the other hotels.
  • For gambling, Flamingo, Harrah’s, and Bally’s are known to offer deals and environment conducive to gambling. Flamingo is the largest among these where visitors can find lots of facilities complementing the gambling experience.
  • For independent living, Best Western Plus is a good choice where you can enjoy basic hotel amenities close to all the action.

Useful Description of Each Hotel

Bellagio Las Vegas

Known for its dancing foundations and famous indoor botanical gardens, this Italian inspired hotel is unofficially the center of Las Vegas Strip. It has five swimming pools, a 24-hour casino, endless dining, and always-available transport options. The reasonably priced buffet option is very popular. In fact, the environment is perfectly suited to families who don’t want drunken parties; however, activities for kids are fairly limited.

Mandalay Bay

It’s a chic hotel at the start of the strip offering a better level of service than comparable 4-star resorts in the area. The place is known for its sprawling pool, aquarium and a popular casino. Mandalay Bay attracts families and a young crowd who love to be in the middle of action, and they don’t mind sharing pools with lots of other people.

Delano at Mandalay Bay

The chic hotel is a part of the Mandalay Bay resort complex. Offering large stylish suites with separate living areas and one and half bathrooms, Delano attracts many business clients to its mega convention and events center.  In fact, it’s the best choice in Vegas for business travelers. There are limited on-site facilities but guests can access everything that Mandalay Bay complex offers. Everyone is treated to plush surroundings and extremely attentive service.

Tropicana – A Double Tree Resort

If you’re not overly concerned about style, glitz, and glamour, this well-known resort is perhaps an exceptional value for your money. Its prices are consistently 20% to 40% lower than other 4-star hotels in the area. It offers everything from a good service to a reputable casino and an excellent location on the strip.

My Pick: For exceptional value on budget

New York New York Hotel & Casino

This iconic hotel has a bit of everything that Vegas hotels are known to offer. Comprising more than 2000 rooms, huge casino, kid-friendly activities, and a great location, the hotel provides a good level of service. If you’ve kids, they will cherish the kid-friendly environment including a full-scale roller coaster and a big arcade.

MGM Grand

Among the largest hotels in the world, MGM Grand is easily the most widely recognized hotels in Las Vegas. The huge hotel complex has everything under one roof. Over six-acres of Water Park, an endless casino, fabulous restaurants, nightlife, and plenty of room options. Due to a variety of casino games, it also attracts non-gamblers looking for the jackpot. The only downside is a slightly impersonal service compared to other 4-star hotels.

My Pick: For non-gamblers

Park MGM

A business venture of MGM, this is also a huge complex. It’s suited to travelers looking for a more adult-oriented space than its bigger cousin MGM Grand, but with all the frills and fun – including massive pool parties. The quality of service is an issue; however, if you wish a better service, book NoMad Las Vegas situated on the upper floors of Park MGM with separate entrance and operations. 

Signature at MGM Grand

The hotel is popular with couples and families who don’t mind paying a slightly higher rate to get superior quality of service and access to activities at MGM Grand. Located behind MGM Grand, it’s a condominium type of all-suite hotel offering an enclosed walkway to access the fun at MGM Grand. Guests will also enjoy spacious and elegant suites with modern kitchenette facilities.

Marriott’s Grand Chateau

An unpretentious hotel on the main strip, it’s one of the very few branded properties that doesn’t have a casino or a big pool. If you have a large family or more than 5 individuals, the hotel offers large 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom villas without any resort fees. Perhaps, staying in a 2-bedroom villa that can accommodate 8 individuals is better than renting four rooms at some of the other nearby properties.

Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations

Preferred by families, this hotel has 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments, many of which face Las Vegas Strip. There is no onsite casino or spa, but kids will cherish the hotel pool. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer excellent views of the town.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

This is a well-known party spot for couples and singles looking to meet like-minded individuals. Resident performers include Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears, and Back Street Boys, while restaurants also have celebrity flair such as the burger joint by Gordon Ramsey. Its big-name performers, contests, and central location next to Bellagio’s fountains continue to draw an upbeat crowd.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Instantly recognizable due to the replica of an Eiffel Tower, this French-inspired hotel is a good place to unwind in the middle of everything. It’s a mega complex offers a lot of photo-taking opportunities amidst its French-inspired outdoor areas. For food fanatics, it provides fourteen quality restaurants to choose from. In fact, the buffet experience at Le Village is the defining achievement of the hotel.

My Pick: For Gourmet Lovers

Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino

One of the classic hotels in Las Vegas, it still has the vibe of mega Las Vegas resort constituting eight swimming pools, a massive casino, and lots of restaurants. The hotel mostly attracts party-goers and fun seeking crowd looking for a mega-complex without overcrowded swimming pools and casino. Some rooms may have seen better years but the hotel makes up by offering good and consistent service.

The Mirage

It’s a popular mega resort with more than 3000 rooms including multi-bedroom villas for families. The hotel has everything from pools, casino, restaurants, and shows that we all expect from such a resort. Unlike is neighbour, Caesars Palace, this resort attracts a less raucous crowd that often prefers peaceful corners. Families cherish the resort’s kid-friendly shows, amazing animal habitat, and hourly volcanic eruptions.

Treasure Island

Approaching the north end of the strip, TI may not be as glamorous as some of the other resorts in its class, but a grand casino, thirteen restaurants, pools, and hordes of other services match other mega resort complex. Guests continue to return inspired by one of the best resort themes including life-sized replicas of pirate ships and comparatively much lower rates.

Tip! Use to ensure that you don’t miss any discounted rates at this hotel, if available.

Four Seasons Hotel

Occupying the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Four Seasons has its own private entrance, elevators, and separate grounds. The division helps ensures a sophisticated environment, but guests have access to Casinos and facilities at Mandalay Bay and Delano, next door. The Four Seasons service is its defining feature.


For unsurpassed luxury, book the duplex suites at MGM Grand. SKYLOFTS are double-story suites which are at least 1,500 sq feet. You’re whisked to the hotel in a Rolls Royce Phantom, and the pampering doesn’t end there as the hotel boasts unparalleled service levels, which makes even Four Season’s pale in comparison.

My Pick: Exceptional Quality of Service

Waldorf Astoria

This five-star hotel enjoys a prime location on the strip, which means there are a variety of rooms for you to enjoy a stunning view of the strip at a reasonable rate. While there is no on-site casino, the hotel makes up for it by providing world class eating establishments and access to nearby attractions. The hotel’s uncompromising quality of service is only matched by SKYLOFTS.

My Pick: Exceptional Quality of Service

Aria Resort & Casino

This mega-complex comprising more than 4000 rooms will challenge your imagination. It has sixteen elegant restaurants, multiple pools, and an enormous casino. Known for its night club and parties, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for a refined balance of sophistication and festive environment, this hotel should be at the top of your list; however, it may not offer much for children.

Vdara Hotel & Spa at Aria                 

The all-suite hotel is a part of the Aria complex. The space is suited to travelers who want a peaceful retreat in the center of the strip as it does not offer a casino. Since the focus is on accommodation, even the most basic luxury suite is 582 square feet. In addition, you get to enjoy less expansive but quality bars and many grab-and-go food options. Once you’re ready to party and dine, the Aria is just outside your doorstep.

Tip! It’s not uncommon to find discounted prices at Vdara. Use a hotel comparison website to locate such discount rates.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Since its opening, Cosmopolitan has redefined the party scene in Las Vegas. Without the hooters tag, it offers the hottest adult-centric parties, nightclubs and shows without any mess. It’s also home to some of the finest restaurants in the city, and boasts multiple pools depending on your mood. The outright seductive hotel is the place to see and be seen.

My Pick: The hottest hotel on the strip

The Cromwell Hotel & Casino

A rare find in the middle of Las Vegas, Cromwell is a one-of-a-kind luxury boutique hotel that has only 188 rooms, an excellent casino, and multiple pools. A roaring nightclub and private VIP slots makes it the definite place to show off and make friends. Geared towards a younger crowd, adults and kids may feel out of place as this is one of the best places for young partygoers.

Caesars Suites at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace has been a Vegas landmark since 1966 and it’s still a powerhouse. In a way, it’s the most complete Vegas package that has an enormous casino, world-class shows, grandest roman theme, a fabulous shopping mall, variety of pools, a 50,000 square-foot spa, wedding and meeting places. The only thing lacking is a potential lack of service compared to other 4-star resorts.

Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace

If you need privacy while enjoying all the amenities of a strip, don’t look any further than this hotel-in-a-hotel concept in the center of Las Vegas. Nobu is a Japanese-inspired hotel that provides its guests all the amenities of Caesars Palace. If you’re opting to stay in a standard room at its larger cousin, Caesars Palace, then it may be better to stay at Nobu and pay substantially less. You will also enjoy a better service than the main hotel. 

The Venetian Resort & Casino

Reminiscent of St Mark Square, it is one of the most popular resorts in Las Vegas. The hotel boasts world-class amenities, countless dining options, huge casino, lots of waterways and pools. While anyone can enjoy its fabulous theme, it’s probably the best hotel in Las Vegas for couples. You can impress your partner with the trademark Gondola rides, shopping mall, massive luxury rooms, a world renowned Spa and a romantic floral perfume that’s everywhere.

Tip! It’s not uncommon to find huge discounts at certain websites. Don’t forget to use to locate unbeatable prices that are often 50% cheaper than standard rates.

The Palazzo at the Venetian

The Palazzo offers an intimate and refined experience for sophisticated crowd offering the privilege of enjoying non-stop fun at the adjoining sister property, the Venetian. You also enjoy the best price-value proposition for a Las Vegas luxury room. Room size starts at 720 square feet including an enormous bathroom with TV and large roman bath. Together with Venetian, there are forty restaurants, world-class spa, two casinos, and ten pools.

Wynn Las Vegas Hotel

If you don’t mind staying just a mile away from the center of the Las Vegas Strip, you have found yourself a gem. This is a sleek hotel that is full of modern amenities and fresh looks. It has everything from world-class pools, casinos, restaurants, and Vegas-style entertainment. In fact, Wynn is the only hotel on the main strip that has its own golf course. The location offers gorgeous mountain and strip views from every room. It’s my choice for the best views in Las Vegas from standard rooms.

Encore Las Vegas Hotel

Encore is the sister-property of Wynn; however, it is slightly more opulent due to an array of amenities including the largest suite rooms in Vegas. Excellent nightclubs, luxurious casino, restaurants, pools parties, and access to Wynn make it among the best places in Las Vegas to indulge in the luxury. A round-the-clock buzzing party scene makes it the best party hotel in Las Vegas minus the drunken crowd.

Trump International Hotel

Five minutes away from the main strip on the north side, Trump is a business-oriented hotel that is perfectly suited for couples and families looking to indulge in luxury at very descent rates. Families will also appreciate on-demand services tailored towards children. The hotel does not have an onsite casino or big-name restaurants, but you can easily hop on a regular shuttle to nearby Wynn and Caesars Palace.

SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

At the northern end of the main strip, this five-star hotel mainly attracts visitors looking to experience a full-fledged Las Vegas resort without the steep prices on the main strip. Rooms are basic and clean, but you get to enjoy a variety of restaurants, pools, and a good casino. Entertainment options may be limited but who needs it when you are paying almost two to three times less compared to other five-star properties.

My Pick: Great value for budget-conscious travelers

Luxor Las Vegas

This 3-star Pyramid style resort is an iconic landmark. Everything from the world’s largest atrium to 4000 rooms is on a grand scale. Four pools, huge casino, live shows, 29-retail outlets and a number of restaurants make it the best Vegas package on a budget. And what’s more, its service is comparatively better than similar resorts.

My Pick: Best value on a budget

Excalibur Resort & Casino

It was once the largest resort in the world. Things haven’t changed much as the castle-theme is still the favorite among families. To keep everyone in the loop, the resort also offers many world-class facilities for adults including free access to spa, pool areas and lots of casino games for beginners. As for kids, there is a water slide, arcades, fun dungeon, nightly shows and kid-friendly restaurants.

My Pick: Best value resort for families

Hooters Casino Hotel

Five-minute walk from the strip is the famous Hooters Hotel, which is still well-known for its spring break parties and scantily-clad waitresses. If you’re looking for a budget optionand lot of booze and partying, then Hooters is definitely on the cards. In fact, there is a lot of singles scene, mainly men from nearby areas.

Bally’s Las Vegas

The simple hotel building next to many city landmarks is a good place to unwind if you need good attentive service on a budget. While there is nothing extraordinary about the place, you get renovated clean rooms for a good price in the middle of all the action.

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Since opening in 1946, Flamingo remains an integral part of the strip. A large animal habitat and open door policy for outsiders to enjoy casino facilities makes it a buzzing place. Despite regular renovation and complete set of Vegas-style facilities, there is nothing special that makes it a stand-out attraction. Fewer restrictions on outsiders, who flaunt to its casino and top-rated shows, may be the reason for the hotel’s lack of service.

LINQ Hotel and Casino

Among the newest entries in the town, its home to the largest Ferris wheel on the planet. Onsite amenities such as Guy Fieri’s restaurant, car museum, and the central location are just some of its varied attractions. Nightclub, Casino, Spa, and Pools offer the typical Las Vegas flair. Prices may be a notch higher than other 3-star hotels, but you get a good service, renovated rooms, and a clean environment.

Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

It’s just another Las Vegas property operated by Caesars Entertainment. Close to the middle of strip, the 3-star hotel is a regular jaunt for individuals infatuated by the rewards points of the casino. It also means that there are plenty of locals attracted by reasonably priced eating options and entertainment choices.

Best Western Plus Casino Royale

If you can find a really good price for the hotel, it may be a great choice to stay in this 150 room boutique property. It has better service than other 3-stars in the area. Similarly, rooms are clean and offer modern amenities, which is fabulous considering that it is the only hotel in the center of the strip that has no resort fees.  There are also lots of reasonably priced chain restaurants on the property; however, high price and lack of Vegas-style facilities may put off potential clients.

Circus Circus Hotel & Resort

If you can ignore an average service and just-OK rooms, this is the place to stay with kids. Apart from every major facility expected from adults, it’s a paradise for children who will enjoy its amusement parks, waterslides, circus shows, and arcade games. The fun attracts hordes of families from everywhere in the United States so the public places are often crowded.

My Pick: Most kid-friendly hotel in Las Vegas

Stratosphere Hotel and Tower

The 1,150 feet tower at the end of the strip is a beacon to adrenaline junkies because of its sky-high thrill rides, and anyone looking to dine while enjoying great views of the city. As for the resort, you will not feel left out due to a huge casino, nice pools, and several dining options. Those who are willing to stay away from the strip, it has nicer rooms compared to some of the other 3-star resorts.

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