The Difference

My Cup of Travel is a unique travel blog as it  publishes articles based on research, only. For instance, any blog entry about best hotels in a particular city will also answer why these hotels are the best in the city. The list may rank hotels based on price-value, quality of reviews or the environment.

The blog mostly covers hotels, airline, and car rental industries. The objective of the blog is to provide factual information backed by research, which should help visitors select a travel product within minutes.


The Blog

Here is a sample of blog articles to help you decide if this is a website for your taste …

Umair Asif

The Blogger / Editor


The idea to create a research-based blog is unusual but I wanted my readers to get the facts instead of reading my opinion on what I think is better. Based on the idea, every article on this website is an effort to answer “Why” a specific product or service is better than others. Instead of creating a standard “best of” list, I want to answer why my article is better than hundreds of seemingly similar content on the Web. Hopefully, the quality of blog entries will speak for itself …


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