A Practical & Honest Guide to Car Rentals in Chicago (Sep 2019)

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Chicago offers relatively cheaper car rental prices compared to other major U.S. cities. A fair comparison would reveal that prices are often half that of other U.S. airports. If arriving by plane, all major car rental companies have an on-site desk at the airport. Depending on your preference, you may also get a shuttle to the off-site location of these companies.

On-site and Off-site Car Rental at Chicago Airport

Just like most U.S. cities car rental at the airport is relatively expansive than off-site locations. If you really want a cheaper price, then try visiting a company that’s not represented at the airport because rent from the same company either inside or outside the airport may not differ significantly.

I highly recommend Skyscanner App to get 50% discounted rates compared to Expedia, Priceline and other car rental platforms. The app offers much better prices and practical interface than the desktop or mobile version. You may read my research about this secret tool in this article.

Best car rental companies in Chicago

If you’re only concerned about the quality of service, then it’s reasonable to get a quote from National and Alamo at their respective airport counters. While prices are often higher, but you will likely get much better service for the price you pay. Enterprise is another great company represented at the airport, but its airport desk is known to offer higher prices than other Enterprise outlets near the airport. Anyway, check prices from all these three companies to get the quality you’re aiming for.

In contrast, if you’re willing to get a great deal from a good company, then walk straight to the SIXT desk at the airport, which may offer the best all-inclusive deal. An all-inclusive deal consists of theft protection, unlimited mileage, and insurance, among others. Just to give you a rough idea, the all-inclusive deal from the company is often 50% less than Enterprise, National, or Alamo for the same features.

Still, if you’re hell-bent on getting the cheapest rate, then hop on a shuttle to travel only 1 km south of the Airport to Routes Car Rental. This is a great company with an upcoming reputation as the leading supplier of cars near the airport. Their prices are much less than other companies. For instance, if Enterprise, Alamo, and National are renting the car for $45 a day, Route car rental may often rent it for $20 a day.

You can easily tap into these rates using Skyscanner App, which offers a streamlined interface to compare discounted prices from the rentals discussed above. Please leave me a message or comment if you have any questions related to Chicago airport rentals. Thanks …

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