Guide to Best Hotels on Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas

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Staying at downtown Las Vegas away from the main Vegas strip may not be your idea of a vacation, but the Fremont Street Experience may change the perception. The famous Fremont Street is the original street of the city located 10 to 15 minutes away from the Vegas strip. Recently, the section of the street was equipped with the largest LED display in the world illuminated under a covered canopy.

Hotels around the street offer first-hand experience of free entertainment, a large mall, Slot-Zilla zipline, and lots of other attractions. If you also want to enjoy the 2-in-1 Las Vegas experience by staying at Fremont and visiting the nearby Strip, here are the details of eleven major hotels catering to the famous Fremont Street Experience:

Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino is probably the best choice on Fremont for party-goers and young crowd. The place buzzes with weekend parties and a number of unique games complement the casino. There are also bunk-beds available for sharing, but the facilities are modern and upscale.

Four Queens Hotel & Casino is right next to the Fremont Street Experiences. If you can withstand the noise coming from the street action and you’re looking for low rates, then this is the place for you. Don’t expect upscale amenities and ask for modern rooms, if possible. There is no resort fee in this hotel.

El Cortez Hotel & Casino offers a good value just one block away from all the major attractions on Fremont. It has modern rooms and it’s not difficult to find extremely low rates. You may upgrade rooms to get better experience, if required. There are no pools and dining choices are limited, but the service is comparatively better than other hotels in the area.

Oasis at Gold Spike is yet another hotel that will appeal to party-goers and night owls. The rooms are a bit larger than the other hotels but bathrooms are small. If you want to book a place in the middle of Fremont, then this hotel is a good choice with a better pool and descent rooms.

Plaza Hotel and Casino mainly attracts business clients who are mostly here for conferences. The upgraded casino also offers more choices than other hotels in the area. Most rooms are upgraded to reflect the regular change, which means that is a reasonable place to stay if you can find good rates.

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino is perhaps the closest full-scale resort that can compete with some of its peers on the main Las Vegas strip. A 45,000 sq. feet casino, two pools, the famous waterslide through the shark, and multiple dining options make it among the best value on the Fremont Street. Despite plenty of room options, guests often complain about smoky and out-dated rooms in some areas.

Main Street Hotel and Casino is for middle-age couples, retirees, and sober clients who are more concerned about cleanliness and service rather than entertainment. If you’re looking for inexpensive buffet and dinning with 20 times odds in craps, the distance from the Fremont Street Experience should not bother you.

D Hotel & Casino can’t be missed due to its large façade right next to Fremont Street Experience. Multi-level casino, world’s largest Keno board, and descent dining options make it the top choice to stay for everyone including families. Resort fees and no pool may be a negative for some clients.

Fremont Hotel & Casino is next to all the major attractions. If you’re looking for a typical Las Vegas experience with glitter and flashy lights, you won’t be disappointed. A lively casino, multiple dining options, and access to rooftop pool at nearby California hotel is a plus. Lack of shuttle to Las Vegas strip may put off potential clients.

Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is the oldest hotel in Las Vegas but the upgraded room are nicely decorated to commemorate the vintage and historical aspects of the lodging. If you want to stay away from the noisy crowds and just require clean amenities, this may be the hotel of choice.

California Hotel & Casino offers large modern rooms that are a hit with customers who are comfortable paying extra cash to enjoy a large casino and multiple dining outlets. There are ample business facilities and no resort fee; however, there are few discounts on room rate.



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