How to Book a Family-Friendly Room

When traveling with a family, booking a hotel room that has sufficient beds and adjoining rooms remains a concern. It’s a huge problem because families don’t want to end up in a room that has a single bed for the entire family. Similarly, large families either prefer adjoining rooms or they need an apartment-style design that can offer privacy and comfort.

Unfortunately, using most hotel booking websites does not help solve the problem as most travel portals only display the maximum occupancy on the main search result page. The room occupancy levels are seldom beneficial because hotels either charge for extra bedding or they flatly refuse an extra bed.

When faced with the dilemma, I always recommend using to solve such problems. In contrast to almost all other major hotel booking portals, offers a clean interface indicating the number of individuals and the type of bedding on the main search page. As shown below:

It makes it easier for a user to easily select a hotel room that suits the individual needs of the family. In fact, you will also notice that the platform offers bedding configuration for multiple rooms.

While these may be simple findings for consumers who regularly use to reserve their hotels, it’s a sort of revelation for users who find it difficult to book a family-friendly room using other hotel booking website. Luckily, the feature is integrated nicely in the mobile version enabling users to use the feature on their mobile phones.

As I said, this may not be news to most users; however, we often forget to use simple tools due to a busy lifestyle. Hopefully, this brief blog entry has reminded many of you that there is a powerful feature at your disposal.

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