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How to Create Your Own Special Airfare?

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If you’re flexible in making your travel plan, there are few things better than getting a massive airfare discount to exotic destinations. In my previous blog post, I talked about error airfares that supposedly provide round-trip airfare to Europe and other destinations for $300 or $400. While error fares are a good choice if you’re super flexible, those are not for me. Instead, I always prefer looking at the real-time destination maps to get super low airfares. These airfares are as good as error fares offering round-trip tickets to Europe and other exotic destinations for less than $300 or $400. In fact, they offer more flexibility because they are your regular airfares. Here is a snapshot of what I am… Read More »How to Create Your Own Special Airfare?

80% Discounted Airfare: What is Error Fare and How You Can Get It?

What’s an airline error fare? In plain English, an airline error fare is a fare that is somehow published at a massive discount due to computer or human mistake. These airfares remain in the system for few hours or even for more than a day before someone notices the mistake to pull the airfare from the system. If you’re lucky to get notified about these tickets, you can often get massive discounts. Where can I get airline error fare? The easiest method to get access to a small number of websites that publish these airfares is to Google, airline error fare. You’re likely to come across the best free source of such information, Secret Flying. This is perhaps the oldest… Read More »80% Discounted Airfare: What is Error Fare and How You Can Get It?

How to Find a Guaranteed Cheapest Airfare?

It would be great if we can only use one website to check the best airfare. However, it is often impractical to do so, which is the main reason why there are so many different websites claiming to offer the best airfare. If you’ve read this article, you may agree that Kayak is a platform that we can use to find the lowest airfare. Without going off-topic, I just want to reiterate that Kayak not only delivers the lowest airfare compared to every major airfare portal, but it is the only website along with Google Flights offering us the ability to view total price of airfare that includes the baggage fee. This brief blog entry is written to highlight how… Read More »How to Find a Guaranteed Cheapest Airfare?