The Ultimate Guide to the Best Car Rental Deal

Hidden from the mainstream media, the Skyscanner Car Renal website is the most powerful portal to rent a car. 

Based on my extensive research, it consistently outperforms other popular car rental websites, and it has been offering these great rates for years. 

“Using Skyscanner, It’s not uncommon to find prices that are 100% less than competitors.”

Most importantly, Skyscanner offers transparent price feeds from multiple car rental companies allowing us to see what’s included in the final price.  

Here is an overview of what we will discuss in this blog post:

• What is Skyscanner Car Hire?

• Why it’s not easy to compare car hire rate, and how Skyscanner helps?

• Comparing Skyscanner with top car rental portals on the web

• How to use Skyscanner, effectively?

What is Skyscanner Car Hire?

Skyscanner is a UK based company that is most well-known for finding extremely low-cost airfare. I have discussed its airfare portal in another post. However, it also offers a car rental portal, which may be its most powerful secret to date.

In 2016, the growing popularity of Skyscanner caught the attention of, the Chinese travel giant, which subsequently bought Skyscanner.

Why it’s not easy to compare car hire rate, and how Skyscanner helps?

Before comparing the rates offered by Skyscanner with other web portals, it’s important to understand that comparing two car rental websites side-by-side is not as easy as you may think, and why I prefer Skyscanner?

Why it’s not easy to compare car hire rate?

It’s not easy due to the differences in how car rental rates are presented to us. For the sake of simplicity, a car rental provider can show use rates combining any of these four factors:

Base Price 

Base Price + Tax 

Base Price + Tax + Free Cancellation 

Base Price + Tax + Free Cancellation + Insurance & Liability Coverage 

You may also see car rates presented on a daily basis instead of the total charges spanning multiple days. It’s also possible to present car rates based on any of the other combinations discussed above such as Base Price + Free Cancellation.

To give you an idea, Following is a screenshot from three popular car rental providers advertising their prices for an economy car. Here is how prices are presented: Total for four days is $128, which includes 

Base Price + Tax Total for four days is $137, which includes

Base Price + Tax + Free Cancellation Total for four days is $174.74, which includes

Base Price + Tax + Free Cancellation + Insurance & Liability Coverage

For ease of comparison, if were to include free cancellation and liability and insurance coverage, the total price of car rentals would look like this: Total for four days is $182.38, which includes

Base Price + Tax + Free Cancellation + Insurance & Liability Coverage

Expedia: Total for four days is $187.38, which includes

Base Price + Tax + Free Cancellation + Insurance & Liability Coverage

Rental Cars: Total for four days is $174.74, which includes

Base Price + Tax + Free Cancellation + Insurance & Liability Coverage

Clearly, the most expansive car rental website is now the least expensive website, if you are to include insurance & liability coverage.

However, the best price depends on the need for an individual driver, which dictates what the best website is. For instance, if you don’t want insurance and liability coverage than renting from may be a better choice. In contrast, if you want a free cancellation, booking from Expedia makes sense. If you require a full package, Rental Cars offers the best choice.

How Skyscanner Helps?

If you’re searching for the best rates, it can often get difficult to compare car rental websites because extra charges are mostly not visible on the front page. In addition, every car rental company has different methods of displaying the price.

I bet if you start comparing car rental websites, it can take quite a lot of time to understand the final rate.

Skyscanner makes it easier to compare prices from different vendors by displaying the total price and what’s included in that price.

The following is a screenshot of the large number of deals that you can get on the Skyscanner app. It is useful to download and install the Skyscanner app because it provides a very user-friendly interface and better deals compared to the desktop version.

For ease of comparison, each rental is scored from 0 to 10 based on the overall value. The score is based on similar rentals at that particular location and considers factors such as free cancellation, the reputation of the rental company, insurance, third party protection among others.

As a rule of thumb, a score between 8 and 10 suggests that most services such as insurance and third-party liabilities are included in the price.

Following is a screenshot of the detailed information for each car deal. ON the right-hand side, the Skyscanner app allows you to compare prices from different car rental companies. In fact, you can easily filter your selection by your favorite car rental company, if required. The app is loaded with price information from popular rental agencies and car dealers.

A Comparison of Skyscanner Car Rental Service

To offer an unbiased comparison, I compared the service with four distinct websites, which include Auto Europe, Expedia, Kayak, and Car Flexi. While it may seem strange to claim that Skyscanner is one of the best by comparing it with only four websites, it actually makes sense.

It is practical to compare it against only four websites because Skyscanner retrieves prices from a large number of car rental agencies and rental providers, which makes it irrelevant to compare it with those popular websites.

For instance, it extracts prices from Travelocity, which is one of the most used websites in the United States.

It also extracts prices from and, which are car rental companies that are owned by Expedia Group and Booking Holdings, respectively.

In addition, it gets price feeds directly from Alamo, National, Budget and other car rental operators. Overall, Skyscanner is able to provide great rates because it partners with a lot of popular, upcoming, and budget-friendly dealers who are well-known in their respective markets.

I compared it against only four car rental websites to offer a broader perspective because:

• Auto Europe is one of the largest and oldest car rental agencies in the world, which has a large market share around the globe.

• Car Flexi is an upcoming website, which prides itself on offering one of the lowest prices in the industry.

• Expedia is one of the largest travel websites in the United States offering great prices on car rentals.

• Kayak is a direct competitor to Skyscanner and both of these websites offer car rental comparisons. In fact, Kayak has quickly gained immense market share by introducing innovative and ground-breaking services in the last two years.

Following is a sample price comparison of Skyscanner compared to Auto Europe and Car Flexi. It shows the lowest base price of an economy car and a family van at five major destination airports. The base price does not include insurance & theft coverage etc.

I encourage you to download the Skyscanner App so you can also compare prices yourself without taking my words for it.

Look at the last column, which reveals that you can save more than 50 percent on the price of a car rental using the Skyscanner app.

Savings are calculated based on the highest price offered by either Car Flexi or Autoeurope assuming that someone uses these websites to rent a car. Please note that I did not cherry-pick these destinations or the dates; instead, I made sure to compare everything as accurately as possible.

Results are similar when compared to Expedia. The following table helps explain my point, indicating that you may save a lot using the Skyscanner app.

This sample also shows that renting specific categories of cars such as a Family Van, SUV, or full-size rentals may offer significant savings in terms of the actual dollar amount. For instance, a family van rental in Miami was only $48 on Skyscanner App compared to $180 on Expedia.

Here is another comparison with Kayak, which operates on a similar model to Skyscanner by extracting price feeds from popular car rental agencies. In the last one and a half year, Kayak has redesigned its web portal to offer great prices to consumers, which is why I have also talked about it here.

It is also the largest travel price comparison website in North America, which is why I included it in the discussion.

As evident, the Skyscanner App is extremely effective in getting you a great price on car rental. Irrespective of the car rental channel you use, the application can be a great source of low prices unmatched on the Internet.

Before I let you go, please bear in mind that some of the links in this article are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. I try my best to remain unbiased and do a lot of research before recommending a product. However, the decision is yours whether you want to visit these websites using the links provided on this page or not.

Irrespective of your decision, I will definitely love to hear from you and hope to get any useful information that can help improve this article. Cheers!

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